Powerful Freestyle Performance Anywhere and EVERYWHERE

The NHP Split packs all the features and quality of the NHP into a two-piece board which can be disassembled for easy travel. With airlines charging higher and higher fees for oversize luggage, this kiteboard will pay for itself in only a few adventures. The split system works with no tools required as do the Nobile footpads, fins, and handle! Now you can spend less time packing, less money on airfare...and enjoy your kiting holiday that much more!

Nobile has covered all the bases with this design: it is incredibly robust and user-friendly. The NHP Split can be ridden in any conditions as the standard NHP and will hold up to all the abuse the rest of the Nobile line is known for handling. In addition to fins, pads, and handle this Nobile NHP Split comes complete with a padded carrying case for easy transport once you've disassembled it.

2018 Nobile NHP SPLIT